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Question: How much money can I make with your website?
Answer: It all depends on your discipline, account size and how you manage your position and risk sizes. There's no easy formula for answering that. We can help you understand the principles for managing your risk towards achieving trading success.

Question: How much does the service cost?
Answer: Please visit our signup page to view our service offerings and pricing. We also offer a free, 30-day, no-risk trial. You can go through the trial without giving us your credit card number, no strings attached.

Question: Is this a trade recommendation site? Will you tell me when to buy and sell stocks?
Answer: No, our purpose is not to recommend buy and sell signals. We provide statistical data, education and mentoring about how to trade in such a way that you are putting historical probabilities in your favor when you trade. You are still responsible for your own trading decisions.

Question: How do I use the the data that I subscribe to?
Answer: The primary set of data that we publish is a daily list of trade signals. The document How to Use the "Entry Signals" Page to Plan Your Trades describes how to use the trade signals that are published daily.